Toke Makinwa Lectures Ladies Towards Seeking For A Man – MoMusicDate - Most Visited News & Entertainment Website. Toke Makinwa Lectures Ladies Towards Seeking For A Man

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Toke Makinwa Lectures Ladies Towards Seeking For A Man


Toke Makinwa Lectures Ladies Towards Seeking For A Man

Controversial Nigerian OAP Toke Makinwa, has lectured ladies on seeking for a man as a life partner.

She advised them on financial freedom before marriage.

Toke Makinwa lectures ladies towards seeking for a man

Taking to her social media page, Toke Makinwa, told ladies that while they are praying for a man who is comfortable already, they should also pray for their own pockets.

She wrote that this was one of the mistakes of the past generation and mothers, which led to them paying dearly.

See what Toke Makinwa wrote below;

Ladies..most especially young ladies pls as you are praying for a man that has his shit together, whatever that means to you. (Money,security,etc), pls pray for your pocket too, get your own shit in order too. No one wants a liability, it get some kind insult you want to avoid

A lot of women that supposedly married rich won’t tell you how hard it is when you are solely dependent on your partner for everything, a lot of them are stuck accepting BS. See everyone wants to enjoy but it’s nice when you bring value, when your partner knows that you get too.

Abeg ladies start saving too, buy shares too, buy property if it’s your thing, stand solid or at least try, a man with money is the icing on the cake and not the entire dough.

It’s been long we gisted, been so occupied but the kind of stories I hear that still happen in 20/20 just shows that everyone is looking for a better life, no one wants liability anymore and even those inside not all that glitters is gold.

At least if you enter husband house with small savings, your own car, your own small business however little you are making or more, you can get mouth to talk if shit goes down, a lot of our mothers did not learn financial freedom and many paid dearly some r still paying for it.

I’m not saying don’t aspire to marry rich o, cos everyone is aspiring to come up. Even the guys sef these days are looking to marry up so pls aspire for better but make sure you level up too. Her that degree, take that course, start that business, e get why o

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