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[Biography] Trendy Cauzy

"Trendy Cauzy"

This is a short biography of the artist for which no specific details have been added" 

Rap / Trap 

Artist: Trendy Cauzy                       ITALY 🇮🇹 

He was born on 24/11/96 in "Bologna" city located in northern Italy where he lived most of his adolescence, he met various exponents of Italian underground hip hop music, up to create a crew with his schoolmates who then he left immediately after a short time, due to different stylistic choices. after years he moved to sicily "mazara del vallo" south of italy and where he currently lives, he immediately begins to meet the local kids who have the same passion as him. 

his arrival, even if not recognized by everyone for various reasons that make up the mentality of the country, was nevertheless fundamental in the stylistic evolution and interpretation because it also brought a more innovative and fresher sound in the Rap / Trap musical genre. 

in some respects he defines himself as a "leader" as he succeeds in motivating and involving other young people in his own activity, so that a greater movement is created and also because he believes that each of them has something of himself to tell and express freely by doing it through the 'art. 

Even though the country doesn't offer many possibilities, both he and the kids work hard every day to take their music as far as possible. He himself says he wants to aim higher and higher, until he has achieved his goal, which is to become an international artist. 🌍 

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