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[Blog] Meet The Man Whose 90 Percent Of His Body is Covered With Tattoos 2023

             Speaking of tattoos, in this article we shall be looking at a man who won global recognition for having over 90 percent of his body covered with tattoos, his name is Vladimir Gucci Tatuador.

Vladimir Gucci is a Russian bodybuilder who was born in 1985 and he is currently 35 years old. The Russian bodybuilder works together with his wife in Moscow and they specialize in the blackwork tattoo design.
              Apart from being a well renowned body builder in Moscow, he is also one personality who is heavily known for his massive bodily tattoo modification.
              He is tag to be the most tattooed person in the whole of Russia with over 90 percent of his body covered with tattoos.

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  1. hmmm i think he should be called the black devil


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