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[Blog] What is Google Adsense, How to take Google Adsense Approval 2023

Google Adsense Approval 2023

What is Google Adsense, How to take Google Adsense Approval?

More than ten million bloggers across the globe area unit earning many rupees using Google Adsense on their blogs.

If you are also starting a blog or you have a already website, then you should know all the details about Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an Advertising Network whose parent company is “Google”.

This gives website owners a chance to earn money through advertisements.

How does Google Adsense work?

Google Adsense takes Direct Advertising from many companies and promotes it from its small to big websites through its Advertising Network and shares the revenue generated by it to Partners.

In simple words, when you reach a very good user base, then you get Approval in Google Adsense.

In simple words, it shows your website Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and shares 60% to 70% of the Earning generated with it.


After which advertisements start appearing on your website, after that as soon as a user comes to your website and clicks on that ads, then you get Earning from them.

It depends on Earning – Cost Per Click ie CPC, which is never the same.

Even Google Adsense cannot predict how much money you can earn per Per Click because the CPC of Google Adsense depends on many factors.

According to Niche or Topic of your blog, the CPC can be more or less.

There is a high CPC on topics like Health, Finance and Legal.
While Jokes, Movies and Facts etc. are low CPC.
Similar is Technology and Computers Moderate – Niche with average CPC.
Origin of your blog’s traffic is also a reason for the CPC to be low or high.

If most of your blog comes from a developed country like Traffic USA, then its CPC will be higher but if your traffic comes Other countries like India, Nepal or Japan then your blog’s CPC will be less.

This is because developed countries have more purchasing power than developing countries.

There are some factors that affect your CPC such as location of ads, Ad Blending, and type of ads (Text, Image, Videos) etc. They can also be optimized by some methods.

How to Approval in Google Adsense?

For this it is necessary that there should be a lot of traffic on your blog or website.

That is, at least 3,000 to 5,000 traffic is necessary, along with the quality of your content should also be very good.

Apart from this, the layout, authority, topic of your site should also be correct.

After all these, you can apply for this by visiting the official website of Google Adsense and after getting approval, you can place ads on your site.

What is Google Adsense PIN?

Adsense PIN is a type 4 Digit Code (Numbers) that Google Adsense sends to your address by post.

This PIN is sent to your AdSense account once it becomes $ 10.

Once you receive the PIN, you have to log in to Google Adsense by this.

This is actually sent to Verify your address, if you do not receive this PIN at once, then you can try twice more.

The PIN is sent three times in total and if it is not received in three times, then Google Adsense will ask you to upload the ID card, and after uploading the ID you will not need any PIN.

How to get payment on Google Adsense?

Google Adsense has different payment options for different countries like EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Western Union Quick Cash and Check facility etc.

It pays through check and EFT facility – it pays you only when your $ 100 is completed.

When does Google Adsense Payment?

Google Adsense usually calculates your previous month’s earnings on the 2nd of every month and sends it to your bank account between 21st to 26th.

It may take 4 days to a week for these money to enter your account.

Sometimes it may take more time due to holidays in between, but if it is more than 10 days, contact your bank.

What is the function of Swift Code in Adsense?

Swift code is required when payment is coming in your bank account from abroad in another currency.

These are allotted by the bank to its branches, but there is no Swift Code for branches in small towns or rural areas – they are allot IFSC Code.

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