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[Blog] Content writing tips for blogger 2023

Content writing tips for blogger

How to write a good content 

Good content is one of the moderate pillars of Ranking on Google. Write original content doesn't mean only good English or Grammar, it simply means that your content should be benefiting the users, easy to read and understand, and also the questions of the user should be answered in a way that they get impressed. Good choice of words, highlighting the points, making references, etc makes the users understand the point you are trying to explain. Not everything is needed to be included in the article about the topic but at least clear the point you are writing about.

Know your content writing tips

We will divide the content writing into two parts

1. Basic Practice

2. Long Term Practice

Now we will talk about basic practice. The basic practice is something we need to do on-page. How to do this, is explained below in five points

Basic content writing practice

  1. Write in small sentences
  2. Don't read articles of your competitors
  3. Use the right headline tag
  4. Decorate your text
  5. Use the keyword in the right place

Write in the small sentence

Search engines can't understand the human language well. Use simple words and write in minimum sentences, don't make your article lengthy instead make it understandable for the users. They should get their answers for which they visited your page. If they don't find the answers easily and meaningful then obviously they would skip your article and traffic will down.

To write good content, good writing is important. Many people write good content but websites who is write in simple yet convincing ways, Google tends to rank them up first due to Increase traffic Like writers, a poet they are writes in simple words henceforth people understand them, you have to use the same trick. Whatever you want to write or explain don't make it complicated because if users were knowledgeable of the topic they would have never searched it in the first place. In this fast world everyone needs quick answers so don't write too long that they get bored while finding their answers and also not too short that they couldn't be able to find the answers at all.

Don't read articles of your competitors

People say that we should read our competitor's article because we can learn from them. But I say we shouldn't read their article because if you read then you will try to write in the same way to make your article better but instead it will look like a copy. Also, Google already had an article like yours which is of your competitors so why would they rank your article. So shouldn't we read the competitor's articles? Yes, you should read, but only observe the keyword usage, backlinks don't read the content. When you will not read their content then your brain will function to write be own good content.

Use the right headline tag

Article's H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 doesn't make your article rank on Google because H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 is HTML attribute. So shouldn't we pay attention to them? Sure we should. Now you must be thinking once I'm saying it does not make rank but again I'm saying to pay attention. I'm saying that you should know the proper usage of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 so that users could understand more clearly and your content will get a format. That is why learn to use heading properly.

Decorate your text

Decorating the content is compulsory. That is why you should write your keyword in Bold or Italic but sometimes it happens that whenever a keyword is used in the content people make them bold, it looks like Google Search Engine have rashes in their eyes and they can't see properly. When we do this kind of stupidity, Google ignores the article which we never know. You should not do this. Whichever keyword you're writing shouldn't be included forcefully, make it fluent and write it in a different format. If you search on Google 'Content Writing' you can find results like Article writing, book writing, essay writing, its not compulsory to use your keyword in the exact form you can use it like this format form. 

Use the keyword in the right place

There are five main areas in the article where you need to use keywords. 

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. H1 Tag
  4. At least one interlink anchor text
  5. At least one external anchor text

Long-term practice

We will divide long-term practice into four parts

  1. Daily practice
  2. Think like a reader
  3. Don't write long
  4. Correct the spellings and Grammarly

Daily Practice

Practice the above-given instructions daily, it will help in optimizing the article. As much as you'll be practiced you will be able to write a fluent article without any misconception. Do not try to go on a different track within the practice or your writing would be errored. 

Think like a reader

Before writing any content think like a reader. Think what are your expectations from a certain article to get the answers of your question. If you will think like a reader then obviously you will be able to recognize the points and the low patience of a reader. Specifically, a reader would want to get their answers soon and in simple words which does not take their whole mental process to understand the content and the points you tried to explain. 

Don't write long

While writing content, keep on thing straight in your mind, the patience of people is very thick nowadays. You don't know who is searching your content when might be there some urgency of the user and they need answers quickly at that situation if opening your page they have to go for a trip on your content then they are very likely to opt-out your page and go for another website. Usually, people say content should be of 2000-3000 words, it is not completely wrong but tries to write the content in limited words so that it doesn't become lengthy on the contrary, also don't write the content too short for your answers to detect.

Use the correct spellings and grammar

After finishing the writing check again and again if there are spelling or grammar mistakes. Users mostly don't prefer spelling or grammar mistakes on good content. These mistakes often change the meaning of a sentence or make it hard to understand. Apart from this, it is getting hard for Google to understand so they tend to ignore the content that has these mistake, the proof of this is that you won't find a single page on Google's rank which have spelling or grammar mistake. As I said before users don't have the patience to take out their time and surpass your spellings or grammar mistakes, they will easily move on to the next. So be alert with spellings or grammar mistakes, if needed check the spellings on Google but anyway be sure of your spellings and sentences. 


These are some needed points to write good and potential content to rank up on Google. The fluent your content will be the more traffic will be attracted to your content. It is not like these are very tough tips to practice, just keep them in mind and probably you will get better at writing. 

Hopefully, my article could help you in the improvement of your blog. If you want to give any suggestion that needed to be included in the article you are free to comment on it. I will surely get back to you.

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