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[Blog] How to optimize your site for search engines 2023


How to optimize your site for search engines

How to get your website on Google search

Google doesn't take any money to give any website a high rank. Neither Google depends on the advertisement to rank any website. If anyone tells you this then they wrong. Google has always ranked those websites that give good content and are user-friendly.

You must be knowing what all is needed to get your website rank on Google. So I won't tell you that. I'm going to tell you what Google has said on their website. And you, yourself can go and read this on the Google website. And you should definitely read. Why people give us means new bloggers various tips to rank on Google? I'm not saying that they all are wrong, some give correct tips also but we have to learn what to listen to or not.

When the war is of ranking on Google then we should what does Google say. Google says that optimize your website correctly for search engine. The question is how to do it? Google has given 6 ways or tricks by which we can optimize our website. And you can bring your website to search engine.
How to optimize your site for search engines

Be descriptive to optimize

Use the right and meaningful title on your page. Google says that keep different pages for different topics, products, services. 

Be complete for search engine

Mention everything that you want to say, want to write, and want to offer. Because Google says that 'Google is smart but they can't understand what you didn't say in the article'. Therefore write the articles in complete detail.

Be topical

You have to keep updating your content according to seasons, trends, and offerings. For example; you're running an ice-cream store and you also sell hot chocolate or hot coffee along with ice cream. You should know that ice creams must be featured in summers and hot chocolate in winter. if you will promote according to seasons then customers will be attracted to your product. In the same way, promote your topic according to seasons. 

Keep your site up to date

Always keep your website's content up to date. optimize your site for search engine

Use the text on the page

Don't give your title and content in the image, videos, animations, or non-text format. Use text. Google understands texts easily. If you use graphics then make sure you give your site's name in the page text.

Get referrals resources

Make your site mentioned on a good online site. See, that any local online news site or similar resources mention your website. 

Do better

You always have to give your time to make your website better. The much you give time your website will get better.


Hopefully, my article How to optimize your site for search engines could help you in the improvement of your website. If you want to give any suggestion that needed to be included in the article you are free to comment on it. I will surely get back to you

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