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[Blog] How to start a blog for free and make money 2023


How to start a blog for free and make money

How to start a blog ??

If you are sure to start a blog and you find the free blog then I would like to suggest that you should try the first free blog as a new blogger, there are many free blog sites, like WordPress, is the popular site for blogging. It's free. is the best site for you,  it's easy to create an account and you think about how to start a blog read my article blog create You can run your blog with a free domain, after sometimes you will be an experienced blogger then you can purchase the domain. The free domain should be HTTP means it's secure.

What is the best content for a post?

As I said, it's not easy but it's possible, nobody can say what is the best content for you, it fully depends on you, you think, what is the point that you can write in many words, what you love to talk about, what is the topic that you know well, then you can write well, don't write about the things that you have no idea about the topic. You must write about the topics you know well and can write well. Remember, don't copy-paste from any other sites, 

What is the process to create a blog?

There are few steps to start a blog, you must follow this step.
  • Open Google chrome and search
  • Click on create account
  • Create your blog name
  • Create your blog address
Then blog dashboard will open, click on a theme, choose a theme and apply.

How to write a post in a blogger?

Click on a post in the blog dashboard, a new page will open. follow the below step by step to write a post.
  • Give title keyword of your article
  • Write a paragraph in 150 words
  • Give a unique heading, sub-heading of your content
  • Write a post.
Your post must be an SEO (Search engine optimizations) post, SEO post will rank in the Google search engine.

How to write an SEO post??

There are some requirements in the post for an SEO post.
  • Use headings to your benefit
  • Optimize your content for featured snippets
  • Link to another post on your site
  • Mobile friendly page
  • Meta tag descriptions
  • Write for humans, not for search engine
  • Include keywords in your meta description
  • Add alt text to images
  • Start with keyword research,
  • Resist the urge to keyword stuff
  • Link to high authority website
  • Aim for scannable, longer posts
  • Compose images for page speed
  • Design a link-building strategy

After completing writing the post go to post settings on the right side. Tap on settings icon.
  • Create Label
  • Create permalink in the custom permalink, it's  automatically permalink
  • Write a description of your post
  • Select default custom robots.txt.
  • And publish

How to make money from your blog?

Google Adsense place Ads on your blog. If the users see or click on the ads, then you get money. Google Adsense will place ads on your blog only if your blog is linked with Google Adsense and you have written all text 20-25 posts, also your blog must be a minimum of 3 to 6 months old. These requirements are not rules of Adsense but it's just for the sake of experiences and stability. A plus point is if your content is unique then it will be easy to get approval from Google Adsense. Apart from this, your post's keyword must be searchable on Google. After this only, you should link your blog to Google Adsense.

How to link your blog to Google Adsense?

Linking your blog to Google Adsense is the most important factor for wanting to make money. When you link your blog to Google Adsense it restores your data which helps them to Analyze your blog and do the placement of ads.
Go to the blog dashboard and click on Earning. A page will open. Click on go to AdSense,
Sign up, fill up all details as required. After complete the process, you will get a publisher's id. tools

In the blog dashboard "Stats", you can see all about your blog position, Users, traffic, traffic source by country, city. All traffic comes from which platform etc. Each report will show here, you can analyze your website.


Hopefully, I succeeded to clear your every doubt and query through my article 'how to start a blog for free and make money. If you want to give any suggestion that should be required in the article then you are free to do so.

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