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[Blog] How to write a On-page SEO Articles 2023

On-page SEO help to rank on Google

What is On-page SEO ??

On-page SEO is a another backlinks for your article better than Off-page SEO. Its fully controlled by your self, It solely depends upon you how much you can make your article On-page SEO, when you write a article you should create SEO article. If you successfully write a On-page SEO, Google surely rank your post.

How to Write a On-page SEO article ?

I tried to explain how to write On-page SEO article in the easiest way I could. As I mentioned before SEO friendly article will helps your blog to rank up in Google Search and that's what exactly we want. SEO friendly articles gets easily detected by Google. I will try my best to explain how to write a On-page SEO article in 10 points.

1. Title

Above everything, determine the niche you want to write about. Be clear and be sure about your perspective of the niche that you decided. Search related keyword to your niche, title should be in a proportion form, not too short or too long. Your title should be attractive to users, they should be contemplated to open your article. 

2. Introduction

At the beginning of the article write a short description about your article. This description should be under 100-150 words, presentable and explainable. Try to include the search keyword which is your title to be mentioned in the introduction, fluidly. 

3. Body

This is the main part of your article. Here you have to represent your exact knowledge and details of the niche. The minimum word limit is 2000, seek chance to conclude your keyword in the body. Also pay attention that your keyword get highlighted by much including in the article. The cons of more than needed keyword is that Google would neglect your article and refuse to rank it. 

4. Conclusion

Conclusion is the closure of your article. Here you can like interact with the users, stating your hopes from the article and also mentioning all the points that you had included in the article. Whatever you wrote on your article, ask the users if they got their answers or not. Also request them to comment or feedback their response to your article. 

5. Image/ video/ Graphs/ Tables(Illustrations)

Whichever image/ video/graphs/Tables/Illustrations you upload and write on it doesn't matter to Google. Google reads the Alt text, and Alt Text or Title Text should be related to article. Whenever we upload these type of images it automatically get saved by Google in its Image section. When a user click on that image directly or re directly they gets teleported to your article. Sometimes due to some network issue the image/video/graphs/tables/illustrations doesn't open but with the help of the Alt Text user can reach your article.

6. Hyperlink (Internal Link)

You have to create hyperlink in your article, and give hyperlink according to your article. By this clicking on your hyperlink they would reach onto your another article. And this will benefit you as the users will stay much longer. By Anchor text or read also link you can create Hyperlink. 

7. Meta Tag Description

You must have seen that whenever we search something on Google a short description under every article is given. That is called Meta Tag Description. Meta Tag Description should consist of 150 words so that users could identify the blog's topic. 

8. URL

The URL of you page should be simple and easy so that user could recite your URL easily.

9. Keyword Stuffing

Wherever your keyword is used bold those letters. Google crawl the bold letters mostly. If you keep your keyword bold  by crawling of the Google your article will rank in Google. 

10. Page Speed

Your every page should be good on opening. The reason of slow speed is mostly, HTML Java Script, that is why erase the unused HTML Java Script. You can also check your page speed. Due to Page speed your bounce rate will be high. And always control your bounce rate. 

The whole process of how to write a On-page SEO article is explained above as simply as I could, hopefully you got you answers and your doubts are cleared. If your questions are still unanswered, comment me I will surely get back to you.  

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Hopefully, my on-page SEO article could help you in the improvement of your blog. If you want to give any suggestion that needed to be included in the article you are free to comment on it. I will surely get back to you.

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