[Entertainment] Most Times We Are The Bad Friends We All Complain About” – Toyin Abraham


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[Entertainment] Most Times We Are The Bad Friends We All Complain About” – Toyin Abraham


Most Times We Are The Bad Friends We All Complain About” – Toyin Abraham

Nollywood star Toyin Abraham is sharing some nuggets with her fans about friendships and how we can be the bad friend we sometimes complain about.

The actress in a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page explained that everyone is guilty of being a bad friend at some point in time.

She mentioned that if we do away with everyone because they have been bad friends at some point what will happen to us. The TV star said it is easier to point a flaw in a person and then demand perfection from a lot of our friends.

Toyin encouraged people that rather than bash their friends and publicize their offenses we should all try to love, help each other and then help each other become the best versions of ourselves.

She wrote:-

You complain that friends are bad and so you don’t want to have friends. I complain that friends are bad and so, I’d rather do without them. But honestly, who are these bad friends that make us all want to do away with friendships if not us all? Ṣé ẹ fẹ́ gbọ́ òótọ́, most of the time we are the bad friends we all complain about. All of us are guilty in one way or other. We’ve been a bad friend to somebody at one point or the other. So, if we avoid, cancel or run away from everyone who has offended us at one point or the other, what do we do with ourselves?

I think it is easier to point out other people’s flaws than it is to accept that we are all flawed humans in some way. And so, when we expect perfection from one another, we ruin the beauty of friendships. Because ẹ wò ó, ká má parọ́, we all have our good and bad sides and it is never realistic to think that we can experience people without their flaws. ⁣

So, rather than avoiding one another, rubbishing one another, exposing our weaknesses and publicising our offences, hoping it would create the balance and stability we desire in our friendships and shield us from being hurt by “people”, let us hold one another with grace and compassion instead. It is only then that it becomes possible to lovingly hold one another accountable and help each other grow into our best selves! Igi kan kò lè dá igbó ṣe, ká fi ọwọ́ w’ẹwọ́ ni ọwọ́ fí ń mọ́.

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