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Biography of Jerry Onoja Known as Jackson

"Biography of Jerry Onoja"

 My name is Jerry Onoja,Nigeria is my country,I am from Benue state i was born in kano state then move to Lagos state to reside there I was 7years old when I was in lagos state and I noticed in my self that I can't do with out moving my body a day in dancing .

Further more there is this famous guy called Michael Jackson the king of pop I watched his moves always and he is so amazing to me when dancing and any time I go out to dance I do a lots of his moves to defeat people in dance with the help of micheal Jackson moves so I decided to give my stage name JERRY JACKSON base on dance skills of MICHAEL JACKSON aside from that I do other dances too and am also expert in other dances my main mentor in dance is MICHAEL JACKSON because all the dance moves all over the world that people dance till date now MICHAEL JACKSON the king of pop has done all the moves.

In my secondary school which is ojota senior secondary school I do represent my school in going out to show case my talent in the event called JAM FIEST and I do come out outstanding in representing my school,I was surprise in my secondary school days where I was shown on TV:NTA,LTV,MITV.

I was so excited then because I never knew my talent can show case me on TV, Then i was popularly known by my stage name called JERRY JACKSON any where I go.after my secondary school my parent does not want me to focus on my dance career because they taught that dance has taken all over me because I can't do without dancing.

"Jerry Onoja"

I was in a dance crew called SWITCH REPUBLIC then I was their unique dancer in the crew because of the way I dance and we have dance at unilag public show where buy I was given the chance to freestyle there it was a whole crowded people watching us dancing and it was so great I was so shocked and afraid because of the crowded people so because of that I now have the courage to with stand the audience when dancing I do not have stage fright in me displaying in public any more base on the over crowded people.

The crew I was called SWITCH REPUBLIC we went for a talent hunt called MALTA GUINNESS STREET DANCE,we also came out outstanding also where by I saw KAFFY the dancer who was one of the judges and KAFFY was amazed of our dance and we have collected an award the best African dancer from KAFFY.

And also I attend DANCE DEAL SCHOOL at surulere lagos where by I did not finished up in the academic dance school base on lots of challenges so I decided not to give up and still remain focus.

Am also in a gospel group called DACREED known as GODS CREED base on awards we have won from Christ embassy.

I have won gospel talent hunt several times and I was signed before by a Cornell man but no seriousness in him.

So then I noticed something in me that am very flexible which by I can bend and twist my body into shape which they called it contortion so I noticed that am also a contortionist and people do book me for that also

Conclusively my dream is to never give up because I have future good things to do with my careers and advanced it up in a better ways.

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"Biography of Jerry Onoja"

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"Biography of Jerry Onoja"

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