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How To Earn N300, N2000 & Up to 10k weekly from Palmpay!!! (Easy Steps)

Easy way to make money

Are you a student? 
Are you a housewife who need money to support the family? 
Are you a salary earner who need another source of income? 
 Or Are you unemployed looking for a job  or a means of income? 

           Have you hard of Palmpay before?  If NO, than read on. 

How To Earn Free N2000 Or More From Palmpay Daily! 

Actually you can earn more than N2000 once you carry out the process well depending on your capability on how you can carry out the task. 

Click here to claim your own N2000 if you are an existing user just visit and provide the requirements. 

   To Start, you need to follow the below steps on how to start making money from palmpay app for free : 

1) Press the link below 

2) Click on the word 

3) You will be ask to download or install palmpay

4) Than you start your registration. 
          After creating your new account then the chance to make money there is highly welcomed. The greatest thing is that you can invite friends to join the platform and earn money too.

Once you’ve registered and now a member of palmpay app. 
Then open the app, on the main menu of the app you will have a section called Cash Spree tap on.

Then select the amount you will like to calm from the section. 
Starting from N500, N1000 and N2000. If you pick N2000.

You will have to invite 7 people using your link before you can be able to claim and withdraw your own free palmpay 2000.
Making Money

You can select the one of your choice then use your link to Invite People which are known to be referral processes or programs.

Once you’ve completed 7 invitation for the N2000 and the 7 people you invitation are new palmpay member them you will be able to claim and withdraw the 2000 asap. 
The process can be carry out at anytime which can make you can earn much more if you are good at Inviting people to the app without any stress and you will earn N2000 from the program.

How To Withdraw Your Free N2000 From Palmpay Cash Spree
The process to withdraw on the cash spree program on palmpay app is easy. 
Goto the cash spree section and tap on it.
Once you’ve calmed any plan before either N500, N1000 or N2000 and you have been inviting people through your link. 
And the people you’ve been inviting to join, then. It will keep reading on the cash spree section. 
Which once you’ve reached where it’s supposed to reach that is you have invite people to the level you have to some certain. 
Then you will be asked to claim the money and withdraw which lasts for upto 48hrs. 
That is you have 48 hours to invite the 7 people on the 2000 plan once you’ve applied for it. 

That’s just it,  this has been what some people have been using to earn more money online without any single stress just with your phone and influence people to join. 

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