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Education Vs Revelation

knowledge and understanding

There has been the duo existence. Education is about having knowledge and understanding in a discipline from a college, school or institute. Whereas Revelation is a usual secret of fact that is known or made known in a surprising manner.

Education is a space, Revelation on the other hand it's more spiritual or supernatural context.

Education in the world today is in four folds: Academics, Religion, financial , professional. 
Revelation is also in four fold: Books, Meditation, profession(words declaration) and Action.

In the world today Education has done it's part and failed but the latter has been, is and shall be the ever hidden to most but found by those whom seek it's eminence. 

There is a time and season for everything in the world. An appointment time for a particular reign of  substance context of philosophy, ideas, rules, method, techniques, procedures, routine, theology, enlightenment etc.  But now is principles with an alignment to the principal. 

The world needs game changers with respect to territorial authority, economic, security, social and development substances in relation to ideology and futurology.

"Education" had thrive enough! "Revelation" is outpouring... It is the best reality. 

First it's heats is ignited in Africa and thereby shall spread to nations..........more loading.....
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