#Advice: Is My Stingy Boyfriend Using Or Testing Me? #momusicdate – MoMusicDate - Most Visited News & Entertainment Website. #Advice: Is My Stingy Boyfriend Using Or Testing Me? #momusicdate

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#Advice: Is My Stingy Boyfriend Using Or Testing Me? #momusicdate

My Stingy Boyfriend Using Or Testing Me? #momusicdate

I am 26 years old university student from Edo state. I met this Yoruba guy 6 months ago. He is a Lagos big boy, Nice house, a couple of rides and a good job.

My problem is he has never bought me a gift or given me money. Not even on Xmas day, or my birthday. But he takes me out and lets me eat and drink till I have my stomach filled up. He can pop champagne but whenever i stylishly say I’m broke, he will pretend not to hear.

He spends large sums of money when we go clubbing but he won’t even give me a penny. I used to think he liked dropping me off at home because he cared but I’m starting to think it’s because he doesn’t want to give me money for cab. If I want to cook for him, he will buy all the ingredients himself and say he doesn’t want me to stress myself. Now I know it’s a lie.

However he tells me he loves me and wants to marry me. His friends call me Iyawo or wifey, My friends tell me if a man loves me, he will spend and buy gifts. They say he is just using me because we found out in the past, he has bought gifts for his ex’es. He even gave one money to shop in Dubai.

Please Momusicdate readers is he just testing me. Can a man love you and be stingy?

Guys is it possible to love a woman and not spend on her for 6 months? Please help me because I don’t want to fall in victim this 2021. 🙂

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