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#BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Jackie B accuses Angel of theft #Momusicdate

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 BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Jackie B has accused Angel of stealing.

Jackie B, during a conversation with JayPaul, said Angel hid a shoe she borrowed from her and refused to return it even after she asked her for it back on several occasions.

Jackie B also revealed that the excuse Angel gave was that she doesn’t know where she kept the shoe.

She however said that Angel brought the shoe back after several hours.

“It’s not like I’m not angry, I had to go upstairs to confront her. She took my shoes and went to hide them telling me that she didn’t know where she kept them.

“I’m like, does she know how much those shoes cost? It was her audacity for me and in my opinion, whatever she did was calculated,” she said.

Jackie B further said that Angel was equally the one that stole Peace’s wig statibf “At this point, I don’t even trust her at all and this reminds me of why I don’t trust girls.

“With what she just did I’m very certain she is the one that stole the wig Peace is looking for.”

In response, Jaypaul said he has always had doubts about Angel’s personality, adding she ought to be thankful that Jackie B didn’t make a scene because of the issue.

He also revealed that he was certain Angel already had plans to hide the shoes even before Jackie B confronted her, noting that she has changed the way he sees her.

“She should be grateful to you because if you had picked a serious offence in what she did, this would have brought a big dent to her image,” he said.

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