Dog or Cat – Which Pet Is Better To Have?? #momusicdate


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Dog or Cat – Which Pet Is Better To Have?? #momusicdate


Dog or Cat – Which Pet Is Better To Have??

Hello Guys,

I have been thinking about this topic for a while now.

I know we have people on #Momusicdate that are pet lovers so maybe you guys can give us a straight up answer 🤔🤔

If you are to advise someone reading this who has never had a pet, which one is better to have??

We know Cats are very active indoors. Having a cat means no problems of rodents or reptiles in your home. Their soft nature can even help relieve stress and anxiety. You will never be lonely when you have a cat scattering everything in your house. It also doesn’t cost much to feed a cat.

This is same as Dogs who have the same benefits as cats. They are also very active outdoors which can help with your security and safety 👏👏

Of course. we are not referring to bingo dogs o 😂😂

So Guys 👇

Dogs or Cats – Which Pet Is Better To Have?

Lets hear from everyone

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