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All you need to know about Mastiff Ventures dealers in bottling industry spare parts.

Mastiff Ventures

'Mastiff Ventures' are pioneers in processing and supply of packaging and bottling industry spare parts. Be it any critical component of a bottling industry machine, 'Mastiff Ventures' provides with all kinds of spares. We believe in providing tailored solutions according to the needs of our clients that ultimately help reduce production costs to a significant level, driving more profits. 

Our well designed and planned logistics system takes care of timely pickup, safe transport and prompt delivery of spare parts. We source our genuine/alternate/replacement spares from our wide range of qualified suppliers and make them available for our consumers with 'Mastiff Ventures'. 

We believe in providing end to end solutions making it easy for our consumers to not worry about wearing spares of their machines. We create the value you need today, for a better tomorrow.



We offer spare parts for glass- and PET bottling lines of many different brands at attractive conditions. These parts are at least of same quality like the parts provided by the machine manufacturers. We also supply modified parts to either reduce energy, air or water consumption, or parts which have a much longer life time compared to the parts from the machine manufacturer.
Spare parts and engineer services can be offered for the following machines:

  • H&K® (Holstein & Kappert® / KHS®) fillers, bottle washers, packers and palletizers
  • Noll® (SEN®/KHS®) fillers and mixers
  • O+H® (Ortmann + Herbst® / KHS®) fillers, mixers and bottle washers
  • Enzinger® (KHS®) packers and palletizers
  • Jagenberg® (Krones®) labellers
  • Krones® fillers, packers, bottle washers, labelers, PET blow moulders
  • Kettner® (Krones®) packers
  • Seitz® (SEN® / KHS®) fillers
  • Meyer® fillers
  • KHS® (Krupp® / SIG®) PET blow moulders
  • Sidel® PET blow moulders
  • Sidel® Simonazzi® fillers
  • SIPA® PET blow moulders


No. 5, Lawal Street,
Lagos, Nigeria



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