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DO YOU KNOW? Nigerian Women Don’t Love Unconditionally, Including Your Wife or Girlfriend (See This)

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Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of hundreds and thousands of men out there.😪

Nigerian women in particular, don’t love unconditional. There must be a reason behind the “Baby I Love You” and it boils down to finance in most cases. How rich you are or how good you are in bed.

Ask your girlfriend or wife to tell you the reason why she love you. She might end up saying nothing reasonable. Then you’d know the deep shit you’re into.

Some married men and those in relationship, are single unknown to them. The day you stopped dispensing cash, you’d understand better.

Dear men..
Love with your head and not your heart. There’s no genuine love in this part of the world.

The only woman who loves you unconditionally is your mother. Some mother’s love is conditional as well.

Nigerian Women Don’t Love Unconditional, Including Your Wife or Girlfriend


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