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Full Biography Richard Akor Obodo also known as Rich Rock

"Biography Richard Akor Obodo"
Biography of Richard Akor

 Richard Akor OBODO better known as Rich Rock has opined that music is spiritual and with his music, he can reach out to so many people.

The Afrobeat & Dancehall artiste said this while expressing his love for music.

He said: “I’ve always loved music and everything that revolves around it, music means a lot to me, with music he can express myself and reach out to so many people, music isn’t just an ordinary thing to me but it’s spiritual.”

"Biography Richard Akor Obodo"

Rich Rock has seen his career and mainstream popularity grow in leaps and bounds within the last few years, He was born 6/1/1993

He dropped out national open university @200 level , where he studied Mass Communications.

He started his music career in a church called Omega fire ministries 

He started as rapper he was the first person that actually introduced rap music in OFM from there he joined a music group called (mega star) he released many songs with the group RichRock 12/10/2013 he launch his first album in his music in Benin tagged unstoppable from there I started going to different churches to perform he was also ministering with the choir every Sunday and all-nights 

"Biography of Rich Rock"

Fews year in the game he met victor angel He actually found interest in me he started following working with him for two he change my name to Rich Rock then it was Rich Akor he changed it to Rich Rock for the future sake he work with him for two years while he thought me so many things he needed to know more about music .

Along the line he moved to Christ Embassy to more about their culture to f music he started with the choir when they discovered my gift he joined a music group called (DST BAND from there he started ministering with the choir he shared stages with the most popular known artists 

So after getting what he went for, he understands music and sound so he decided to come to Lagos and focus on my dreams and mission if he should be in church he sees it as a limitation to my greatness I’m a Godsent artist am here for a purpose it’s time to the world just music.

You can reach through this handle 

IG: I'm on Instagram as iam_richrock. https://instagram.com/p/CVj58DzMIAH/

Twitter: am_richrock

Tit: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8aGyrJ3/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Richrocksonofmercy

"Biography of Rich Rock"

"Biography of Rich Rock"

"Biography of Rich Rock"

"Biography of Rich Rock"

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