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7 Eating Habits To Stop This New Year 2023 #Momusicdate

"7 Eating Habits"

It’s that time of the year when you make resolutions that you never keep to. That’s not my own, I’m here because of your food resolutions. Last year you said you’ll cut down on sugar and carbonated drinks, look at you now! You also said you eat healthy, let’s not even talk about that now.

Well, I have a few eating habits that’ll help you eat healthy but first let’s focus on the bad habits you need to stop. Shall we?

1.Exercising on empty stomach: it’s very bad for your health. Your body needs glucose while exercising and if you don’t eat how is your body meant to produce that energy?

2.Eating refined grains: refined grains like white rice, white bread and white flour are very unhealthy. They are easily broken down by body enzymes and could cause a spike in blood sugar level. This year make conscious efforts to reduce the amount of refined grains you eat this year.

3.Skipping breakfast: in this part of the world we see breakfast as unimportant. This is a new year and I want you to stop skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast reduces your concentration level and energy level.

4.Late night snacking: stop sneaking into the kitchen at 12am to steal eba and meat from the pot, it’s very unhealthy! Food doesn’t digest easily at night and can result into excess gastric as if secretion in the stomach. Body metabolism is also slowed down at night, excess weight gain is knocking at your door.

5.Fried foods: this year you should make deliberate efforts to reduce fried foods this year. Most fried foods are deep fried in oil and have a high risk of containing high trans oil. Trans oil is associated with heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

6.Craving sweets: should be common knowledge by now that excess sugar is bad for your health. This new year please do well to reduce it for your own sake.

7.Procrastination: the most important on the list. You’ve been procrastinating since ages past, this is the time to stick with your goals! Stop the procrastination and start eating healthy!

It’s a new year and should be a new you, stop all these bad eating habits.
Until next time.

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