All You Need To Know About #Expetalks

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djmondo the promoter

All You Need To Know About #Expetalks

"All You Need To Know About Expetalks"

Good morning!
I present to you EXPETALKS

EXPETALKS is going to be an amazing one on this blue app
This brand is open to work with so many other brands like anuti oni hoti
Guys what I need is your engagement,
Through comment, reactions , sharing our amazing content , and your publicity
We are going to give you our best
This is going to be our activities 👇👇
Monday: Features *Business Talks* And *Motivational Dose*
Tuesday: Features *Health and Food Dialogue*
Wednesday: Features:*WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY (WCM),MAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY(MCM) and Successful People's struggle story*
Thursday: Features *MY EXPERIENCE*, throwbacks *ON* crime,*PAST* governments, celebrities, countries history, and *PAST MEMORIAL EVENT'S*
Friday:*Sexual health related talks or Tips or Facts* ........ ,*TALK,TIPS or FACTS And *UNUSUAL FRIDAY*
Saturday:Features Interview involving *(Fashion or Vibes or Entertainment Lifestyle)*
Sunday: *kingdom Appreciation* Cruise and Random questions
This brand is for me,you, everybody
It's time to #explore , #Learn And Be amazing!

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