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My Drug, My Addiction [A Must Read]

"My Drug, My Addiction"


“I’m addicted to you and I don’t know what to do” quoting Joeboy’s lyric. When people talk about addiction I laugh because I thought it wasn’t possible for me to get addicted, look at me now, taking a sniff at every given opportunity.

Is cocaine a drug? If it is then that justifies all the lyrics I’ve been hearing. Back to describing my drug.

First dose was years ago, it was heavenly. It gave me joy, satisfaction and happiness. It sure lasted longer than regular drugs and weed, I wanted to know more about it. What could make me happy asides ice cream? My curiosity led me to getting more.

Now I’m addicted despite the pains and hurt it has put me through. I think the more it hurts me the more I get addicted, bad for my health right? Sigh. I know. Unlike cocaine and the rest, this drug doesn’t affect my physical health.

Let’s talk about the happiness it gives me. 

Let’s talk about the hope that “one day we go make am”. 

Let’s talk about the peace. 

Let’s talk about the confidence of give me to speak in public. 

Let’s talk about the tears. 

Let’s talk about the “breakfasts”. 

Let’s talk about the sadness. 

Let’s talk about Football.

Yes! Football is my drug, I’m high and drunk with it. The beautiful, watching Lionel Messi lift the Copa America trophy. The good, watching Spain lift the World Cup in 2010.

The bad, Nigeria dropping out at the RO 16 stages of the World Cup. The ugly, Barcelona losing in 3 consecutive champions league knock out stages.

Football has done beautiful things to me. Never knew my happiness could be tied to a thing not to talk of a player. Didn’t occur to me that a day would come that I would scream at the top of my voice because of a football club. 

Never knew that my emotions would be deeply rooted in this sport, that I’d be addicted to this drug.

Definitely not your regular opioid, it’s a universal language that brings millions together. The bants, the trolls, the tears, the arguments, the analysis. 

The beauty of the games, the hat tricks, the headers, bicycle kicks, headers, dribbles, massive saves, the goals. The team work, the tactical masterclass, the support.

The love of the game, the family. What about football have I not mentioned? Football is literally my life at this point. It’s the game for me.

Football is my drug, Barcelona is my dealer.

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