"Negative impact of Internet"

In recent years, there as been an explosion in the use of internet in this part of the world. Almost the entire population has access to internet through one way or the other. 

The impact of internet on education positive or negative cannot be undermined. University students have unrestricted access to internet in so many universities, cheap internet by the ICT centres and free WIFI at various points on their various campuses.

 The internet of course consists of several information that are useful for educational purposes and it also permits wider communication reach. Those are the advantages and whatever has advantages should also have disadvantages. The major disadvantages which are also known as negative impact would be discussed in the next paragraphs.

First and foremost, the internet is a major distraction. Varieties of information and other non profitable materials are available on the internet. 

The more time spent on the internet the less time spent on books and other educational materials. Social media is also a major source of distraction, hours spent on this apps doing nothing important.

An argument that students might be studying is usually brought up. While that can’t be put aside, majority of students surf the internet for things far away from the boundaries of education. 

The internet is also a major time waster, as said above, students waste time on the internet searching and surfing the internet for things not necessarily beneficial to their educational journey. 

Students are distracted from their main purpose of coming to school and grades drop badly.

Increase in Moral corruption is also one of the negative effects of the internet on the University education system in Nigeria. Nigeria as a country holds morals in really high esteem, increased exposure to explicit contents on the internet leads to increase in the rate of moral decadence. Morals are a very important part of the system, internet leads to a drop in that aspect.

Students are less motivated and less interested in academics as most of their time is spent disconnected from the real world. Less motivation more or less relates to lack of creativity. With no motivation to continue students reduce the creative efforts put into assignments and projects. Instead of using original intellectual property they end up using the copy and paste option, directly taking unfiltered works from the internet.

Other notable mentions include insomnia and addiction. Addiction is very harmful not to talk of addiction to the internet, students spend hours meant for reasonable purposes on the internet during irrelevant things.

This addiction leads to lack of sleep, insomnia which affects the physical health of students badly. The internet is filled with a plethora of social networking sites that students spend hours on drifting from their original purpose of coming to the school campus.

Notwithstanding, the internet is a great place with many benefits which include availability of various research materials, learning videos and large social network connections. If not used properly the negative effects would overshadow the positive ones which is the current situation of the educational system.

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