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Damilola Adeyemi - Short Rest Is Crucial [See Why]

"Short Rest Is Crucial - Damilola Adeyemi"

She wrote!
We all need this.
You've been moving from one relationship to another. It seems like this relationship is not just your thing. You've been feeding your spirit, mind and soul constantly with breakups and heartbreaks. Take a time and rest, relax. Invest your time in something else, something more profitable. The right person will surely come at the right time😊.

You've been a friend or a close friend with a person or a group of people and nothing good seems to come of it. It is just like you are undergoing a parasitic mode of nutrition, no achievement, no accomplished goal(s), nothing good to make reference to during your time of friendship. They only gain from you, you don't gain something meaningful from them. Please withdraw from such friendship. Don't be any predator's prey👌🏾.

You've been sitting for the same exam for a long time that you are now ashamed to the extent that even your relatives and friends are now calling you names. Please do not allow depression set in as a result of that. Instead, try another means of passing the exam:

★ Change your reading technique.

★ Change your reading plan.

★ Move with people that will impact greatness and positivity into your mind, people that will sharpen your mind and thinking into becoming a better person.

★ Most importantly,
You were assigned in your place of work to carry out a particular duty. Perhaps, it's not your first time doing such, but this time, things weren't just working out as expected. Take a deep breath, calm down, sit yourself down if possible, take a chilled drink or water if possible. Then after sometime get back to work, something better(an idea or technique) will surely surface.
The reason(s) why you didn't get it right as you usually do or at first might be due to:

★ Pressure
★ Stress
★ Fatigue
★ And many more.

That is why a short rest is crucial 🙂

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