LET’S TALK!! What Is The Biggest Sacrifice You’ve Ever Done For Love?


Hello Guys,

Lovers in the house, let’s gather here please.

Firstly, love is a serious mental disease.

Crazy things people do for love. I remember those days I was madly in love with this particular girl, she now my ex. Transferred 150k from my mum account to give her. Omo as the babe received the alert, she just kissed me, do 1 round and japa.

Have you ever told a lady “I love you” and she replied “Thank You”?

Few months later, I met Shade and her smile made me forgot everything I’ve been through with my ex then as I was beginning to feel like Romeo, she served me breakfast by cheating on me with a mechanic.

Love na your mate? Love will humble you while it messes you up.


What Is Biggest Sacrifice You’ve Ever Done For Love?

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