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Life is guided by particular set of rules - Damilola Adeyemi

Damilola Adeyemi

I've come to the awareness that this life is guided by particular set of rules.
From business(financial) aspect to religious aspect to academic aspect to marital aspect to health aspect.

Anything, anything, just name it, this world is guided by principles. We work, we live and we engage ourselves in activities following certain laid down rules (read this again and understand the concept).
You hear people say, for you to grow your business, listen to the audio of a certain person who is a business expert or guru.

What such person says will be listened to and will be adhered to by thousands, millions or even billions of people.

I would love to ship in something here. The fact that you emulate the way of life of a particular person in his or her business perspective doesn't mean you have to live your complete life the way they live theirs.

You see, in life, filtering is one of the essential thing one has to put into practice.
Only the characters and potentials worthy of emulation should be imitated.

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