Say NO To Things That Won't Make You Grow - Djmondo Says
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Say NO To Things That Won't Make You Grow - Djmondo Says


Say NO to things that won't make you grow. It is better to be alone and work tirelessly towards achieving your goals than to follow the multitude just for the sake of 'feeling among'.

Another reminder this year, please and please, suicide has never, is never and can never be a solution to any problem.

You say you don't share your thoughts with people and you continually feed yourself with depression. You say "I've tried telling people but that did not help the matter neither"...

I know that alone weighs you down.

Having no friends to share your thoughts with or probably it's even like nobody cares to listen, that happens. But on my own path, I would say that you just haven't found the right listener and I know if you are patient enough, you will surely fine one or even more than.

And remember to seek the face of the Lord whenever you are confronted with any difficulty; that really, really helps. Be courageous and optimistic this year.

Do away with negative vibe or people and work towards your goals against all odds.💪🏾

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