Angelique Kidjo Praised Burna Boy On IG Live - See Reasons


Angelique Kidjo Praised Burna Boy

During their recent Instagram live session, Angelique Kidjo lavished admiration on Burna Boy, giving him an insight into what makes him special.

Kidjo, a Grammy winner, says she screamed when she heard a sample of her song on Burna Boy’s record.

It gives her goosebumps, she adds, to see someone touch her song and elevate it to a level she could never have envisioned.

In her words,

“You make me listen to my song differently. And that’s what music is when somebody touch your work and do it different. It takes the work to another level. It brings you somewhere else that you never foresee yourself.”

Talking about Burna Boy’s live performance, she applauded the Nigerian singer for being a good performer.

“One thing I wanna tell you after your show in Paris. You can do wonder on album but what makes you a different artist and artist in whole is when you are on stage and you deliver.”

“And when I come to your show I am like, ‘My boy is killing them all, that’s my boy’ and I’m liking it”, she added.

The compliments were gratefully accepted by the Burna, who couldn’t stop blushing.

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