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[TalkZone] DO YOU AGREE?? Women Cheat More Than Men


Women Cheat More Than Men

Is it true that women cheat more than men?

That’s what Tonie Osegbo, an IT expert and Facebook pundit, says.

Tonie shared some persona experiences and that of his friends while airing his opinion.

He wrote;

Sometimes I laugh when people say men cheat, yes men cheat but if you know the way some women throw themselves at men or particular men, you will understand that it needs a courageous mind and decision not to allow those things get to you while you focus on your woman.

This particular friend of mine has been repeatedly posting his fiancee’s pictures on Facebook, WhatsApp status and all in order to deter others and possibly send the message of “I am hooked” yet, women in his circle are still doing things to lure him.

I also know a guy that did same and still doing same but women also indicate interest in him and make everything possible to get him.

A girl has even replied “and so?” when he told her that he has a fiancee and don’t want to play around.

This world is not as it seems, men cheats, fine but there are those that don’t and still temptation comes from every near and far.

Sometimes, it’s not as it seems.

What do you think? Do you agree that women cheat more than men?

Do women cheat or fling themselves at men?

Women Cheat More Than Men – DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

Drop your comments below. 

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