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[TalkZone] Today I Was Very Strict To My Girlfriend And She Did This!



We have been dating for a while now. Been coming to my house and my parents knows her. Normally she visits and sleeps over and of course because she is my guest, I’ll have to give her food etc. #relationship

So today I decided to be different. I told her I was hungry and if she was, of course she hurried and said yes, dresses up and jumped in my lexus. I just smiled, and started the car and we drove to a restaurant.

Before we got down from the car, I told her that I don’t want to spend more than 3k on the meal between the both of us, and I told her to handle it, which she said fine, and split the fees to 1500 each.

She got her food and a huge chicken which everything was 1500 naira on her end, and I got swallow which was about 1050 naira on my end. And the total money was 2550 naira. Then suddenly my girlfriend told me she also wants plantain, that the money is not yet upto 3k. That it must reach 3k.

I was shocked because, if we were married then she can’t help me save money when I tell her let’s cut down cost. I thought she would even be happy that she saved me money and now we didn’t send up to that 3k. But wow.

The waiter wanted to take the food and add the plantation of 450, but I refused and told her to collect her payment as we were done ordering.

My so called girlfriend then got angry and decided to seat somewhere far away from me, and we didn’t see each other till I was done eating, although she waited for me.

To my surprise she didn’t eat that food, she packaged it back in a takeaway bag, and kept it for me.

I asked her why she didn’t eat the food she ordered by herself which was already 1500, as we agreed, and she said she won’t eat it, and I took the food back. I ate the food myself with the chicken.

Right now, I don’t want to take this relationship serious.

Did I Do The Wrong Thing By Not Allowing Her Spend The Remaining Money And Making It 3k?

Which of course was the remaining money from my own food.

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