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LET’S TALK! What Are The Top Reasons Why No One Shouldn’t Date You


Top Reasons Why No One Shouldn’t Date You

People judge me based on my physical appearance but don’t know the hidden traits/personalities I have. So here are some reasons why you shouldn’t date me.

I am not the typical GF material, I won’t get jealous , I won’t check your phone, I won’t kiss you on purpose in front of other girls to mark my territory.

So if you want your girl to do these things, better luck somewhere else.

I’m horrible at responding to texts.

Most times I read them from my notifications and reply in my mind and then I completely forget actually to reply and the next thing I know it’s been 2 years.

I’m mentally 60, physically 22, and emotionally 5. I love to cry under the right circumstances.

I’m hella afraid of dogs, doesn’t matter, even if it’s your pet.I can withstand a lion for once but not a dog.

Reason? Lion bites, me dead at once. Dog bites, 14 injections and it hurts more.

I am afraid to fall in love, not because I have been in love with a wrong person but I have seen my closest people being in that situation where they have ruined their lives.

I can cook for you but I can never share my food with you.

I am a very ambitious girl. If you’re not ambitious, please GTFO of my life.

Looks(first), brain(second) and personality (third).

So if on your profile, you upload an ugly pic of yourself, your hi won’t be returned. T for thanks.

I will portray you as the most wicked person on earth with your pictures attached if you ever break my heart.

I care more for my family, and I have dreams and aspiration I’d like to fulfil before I die. If you aren’t one of the few who can respect their partner’s priorities, then sorry, we won’t be a good pair!

Sex is not a simple act of pleasure for me, it is a divine experience, an exchange of energies between two bodies weaved into each other. It is a beautiful union of the two souls.

So, I will not do it just like that but only when I feel is the right time, you must be a virgin too.

I am not looking for a relationship, I want to understand more about human nature and I am in the process of getting better for my future partner.

What Are The Top Reasons Why No One Shouldn’t Date You?

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