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Guys, What Is The Benefits Of Having More Than One Girlfriend? #momusicdate


Benefits Of Having More Than One Girlfriend - momusicdate

Someone asked, what are the key benefits of having many girlfriends throughout one’s lifetime?

My responses:

You become more resilient against abuse: If you only have one partner, you may end up with a skewed sense of what is normal. You may end up accepting harmful, dysfunctional, or abusive behavior simply because it’s all you ever know. The more experience you have, the less likely you are to normalize abusive patterns.

You have an opportunity to learn more robust relationship skills: Relationship skills are learned. If you only have one partner, you may learn to get along with that partner—but your basic social and relationship skills may end up lacking in so many areas.

You learn more about yourself: You learn yourself through experience. Different partners can shine a light in different parts of you.

You have a greater chance of ending up in a fantastic relationship: First relationships are rarely fantastic. You don’t yet have a grounding in solid relationship skills, you don’t yet have the experience to know what really works for you (and one of the little realities of being human is that how we imagine we will react to a novel situation is rarely how we actually react in that situation!), and you don’t have a basis for comparison for what an awesome relationship is.

You become a better lover: Not because you learn new techniques, but because you get a better grasp of what sex really is. You learn, for example, why the question “am I normal?” is not very useful.

Add yours in the comment section.

Guys, What Is The Benefits Of Having More Than One Girlfriend?

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