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DO YOU AGREE?? Nigerian Girls Are All Heart Breakers


Nigerian Girls Are All Heart Breakers

Nigerian girls have been tagged the queens of  “heart breakers” all over the world.

In Nigeria, your tribe defines who you are and what your personality might be. When it comes to relationships, people from the major Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa tribes get judged and analyzed by others, the moment their tribe is mentioned.
“I’ve had countless of heart breaks and they are Yoruba girls,” laments one young man. #momusicdate

Another man said; “As for me, all women are heart-breakers, Hausa girls are loyal, and some Igbo girls too”
An anonymous Uni student sent in a message crying out about how Nigerian girls ae heat beakers.

See below:

Nigerian girls are heart breakers. Don’t trust them, you’ll either lose your money or your sanity.”
For me, I think heart break and the ability to dish “breakfast” shouldn’t be tagged to a particular race or tribe, as woman sort of reciprocate the energy they get from their men. Although some ae bad.

Nigerian Girls Are All Heart Breakers – DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

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