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What Do You Know About People Who Put On Glasses?


People Who Put On Glasses

To others, glasses can make you look cool, to some it’s a deformity, to few, it’s a sign of high intelligence.

Wearing glasses can not only change people’s perception of you, it can also alter the way you think about yourself. #momusicdate

I have noticed how confident and bold people who wear glasses are.

Have you ever wondered why your favorite musical artists wear glasses each time they’re in public?

Not just outdoors, but indoors as well.

I remember my secondary school days, there was this classmate of mine who wears glasses, the whole class and even some teachers assumed he was the smartest amongst us.

Not until after our 3rd term results came out.

Even in relationships, I know some guys who thinks a lady who wears glasses are good in bed.

Yes, you have heard it too, stop laughing😂 E shock you abi?

Sincerely, we all can relate to this, tell us MOMUSICDATE USERS;

What Do You Know About People Who Put On Glasses?

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