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A Secret About The Music Industry - MoMusicDate


A Secret About The Music Industry - MoMusicDate

The Music Industry has really changed over the years, from the Era of Baba Fela till this moment that we are jamming a different type of vibe.

The Evolution of Nigerian music has been a better growth, Afrobeat at large has put us up on the world map with the help of our amazing artists.

Artists bearing even write down songs now, na from how them dey feel them take they sing their songs and it’s selling.

Creating a breakthrough song is so easy, the only sad thing is that a lot of artistes are too lazy!

Nobody wants to sit and write songs anymore, na cruise everybody dey catch.

Once you have a particular keyword that “bursts your brain” you’ll just keep repeating it as a chorus, next thing na to find 4 bar/lines as verse, another 4 bar as bridge (so you’ll repeat it in the second verse), and boom… song don ready 😂

It’s called song “Production” for a reason, it involves processes! If you decide to skip any stage in the “Production processes” it will definitely reflect in the final product (the song).

No be to add “Singer and songwriter” for your bio, are you truly taking your time to write? Or you dey follow Wizkid dey compete for who “freestyle” pass?

You may secure one hit song “by mistake” but you’ll definitely be going back to square one if you don’t learn to write.

I understand most of y’all don’t really love this music thing like y’all claim, na just the glits and the glam dey really enter una eye.
And some of y’all think having “Street money” will automatically mean people will respect you more in the music industry as an upcoming artist. LMAO… the process is the same for everybody!

If you like dey drive Gwagon, as long as you’re not investing that money into the music business, nobody really send your account balance! you go still come join the queue…

Once an artist drops 2 songs the next thing you’ll hear is “all I need now is a manager, that’s why my career is not moving forward…” LMAO.

So because Burna boy and the likes have managers, you sef with zero fans, 3 unreleased songs and zero marketing budget is also looking for a manager?

Its called “Music Business” for a reason, you don ever seen who open kiosk wey dey find branch manager?

You only need a manager when your career has gotten to the point of acceleration, what you Need now is PROMOTION.

Now the industry has gone digital and streaming platforms have become a norm, social media have become more popular, influencing has also become a thing, you can literally put out a song and all you need is just a perfect dance move for it to go viral on Tiktok.

With as low as your data fee, you can get your music uploaded on MoMusicDate, being one the best online blog to promote your music.

Ah! Y’all don’t know what God did for you.

Na why if I see any lazy artist it disgusts me. Y’all are in an era where going viral is so easy and all you could do to help your career is to be lazy? Omo… you need beating for real!

Wake up!
Wake up !!
Collect your glory !!!

Yours Lovely.

We hope you’ve been able to learn one or two things from this?

We’ll see y’all are greater places.


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