The 5 Ways Men Harass Women In Public Gyms


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The 5 Ways Men Harass Women In Public Gyms


5 Ways Men Harass Women In Public Gyms

Most women do not like to go to public gyms because they are harassed or intimidated.

Research has shown that “two in five women avoid exercising at the gym, 45% chose to go with a friend, and 4% go with a partner because ‘men make them feel uncomfortable.”

Here’s how men can make a woman feel uncomfortable at the gym:

1. Holding her in a bid to help or teach her.

Except you’re her trainer, you shouldn’t touch a woman at the gym.

2. Staring at her while she is exercising, especially her backside.

You can steal some view but too much looku-looku can make her feel uncomfortable.

3. Unnecessary compliments or motivation while she is exercising, like “you can do it”, “one more for the house”, “show us you can do this” etc.

4. Laughing at her while you see her doing a particular exercise wrongly.

You and your friends make a joke from how she uses a particular gym instrument.

5. Many men go to the gym to flirt around or show off.

Yes, you got the strength and muscles but keep it to yourself. Don’t make people feel intimidated by your physical appearance.

Dear comrades, when next you’re going to the gym, a little behavioural modification from you is a great thing as well.

Ladies, Have You Ever Been Harassed In The Gym?

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