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Ijaw community law centre raises alarm over flood situation in Bayelsa state


Ijaw community law centre raises alarm over flood


                        PRESS RELEASE

The Niger Delta and Wetlands being the ancestral home lands of different nationalities, the Ijaw people in particular who naturally are riparian and littoral communities, are one of the worst hit by the devastating floods.

We are at the middle of the devastating floods. At least for the past 10 years a responsible government whether Federal, State or Local Council ought to have taken structural measures for the control and management of floods. It is a fact that floods can be controlled to safe lives and communities as done in countries of similar terrain.

It is not a big deal to fix the floods and the need has become imperative especially in the full knowledge of the consequence of Climate Change. Experts have said that the floods will continue due to weather conditions and patterns. However, beyond rhetoric and political manipulations, there has not been any plan to fix the floods. Distribution of relief materials is only reactionary and often to corruptly line peoples pockets.

Ijaw community law centre raises alarm over flood

The Ijaw Community Law Centre notes that the absence of a mitigation strategy is outright failure of those elected to provide for the welfare and security of Nigerians as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution as amended. This is gross irresponsibility and revelation of the class of persons in political offices. And that except the political leadership at the various levels are held accountable, this unpardonable failure will yearly and 10yearly repeat its occurrence.

The Centre notes that the floods did not segregate between political parties. All communities in the wetlands are affected; submerged. Despite early warnings, no positive actions were taken by those responsible. All are now in the same foxhole, suffering the same neglect not minding the billions voted as Ecological Funds.

The Ijaw Community Law Centre therefore calls on all Ijaw sons and daughters in the various political parties to call their respective party and candidates especially the presidential flag bearers to make public their strategies and plans for the control and management flooding in the Niger Delta (wetlands) and Ijaw lands in particular. Tired of this avoidable rampaging phenomenon, we demand for a social contract with the presidential candidates on the matter of flooding.

We therefore invite the Ijaw National Congress and the good people of Ijaw Nation to make Flooding of our Communities a CAMPAIGN ISSUE. 

Long live the Ijaw Nation


Ijaw Community Law Centre

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