White House Announces Int’l ‘Summit for Democracy’ in March


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White House Announces Int’l ‘Summit for Democracy’ in March

White House Down

The White House on Tuesday announced an international “Summit for Democracy” to be held next March, co-hosted with Costa Rica, the Netherlands, South Korea and Zambia.

The summit, which follows on from a first one held in 2021, will showcase the ability of democracies to handle “the world’s most pressing challenges,” the White House said.

President Joe Biden has made the contest between democracies and autocracies, such as China and Russia, a central theme of his administration.

The issue is also personal, with Biden starting his mandate in the shadow of an unprecedented attempt by his defeated Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, to overturn the 2020 election.

“We are living through an era defined by challenges to accountable and transparent governance. From wars of aggression to changes in climate, societal mistrust and technological transformation, it could not be clearer that all around the world, democracy needs champions at all levels,” read a joint statement from the co-host countries.

The second Biden democracy summit was announced as speculation grows over whether the 80-year-old president will seek a second term or bow out at the 2024 elections.

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