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Bb Naija’s Cross Knocks Nedu for Disrespecting His Female Colleagues

BBNaija Cross

Just like his other colleagues, former BBNaija housemate, Cross Okonkwo, has berated Nigerians and of course Comedian Nedu Wazobia for disrespecting his female colleagues.

According to the popular Presenter, what the female housemates have to offer is just their vaginas.

In reaction, Cross said people should stop bringing his female colleagues down as they have feelings and will be affected by such negative statement.
His words below  on his Twitter page:

“Pls leave our big brother girls alone they are human beings also. Just like other humans. It’s not easy to go in the house and let the world see u and be judging every move you make. And you come out of the house into the real word and yet they are still judging you.Stop it.”

“Stop bringing them down. It’s not good. They have feelings too.  it’s only one life we all have. Make the best of it and enjoy it. 50 years from now most of u may not even be alive . So pls let LOVE lead

Always remember for GOD is LOVE and LOVE is GOD.”

“Big brother girls are amazing, beautiful talented, business driven and so on. And if anyone sleeps with any man to get ahead, so? Why are we not calling the men out too ? Or na Only women dey fu$k woman ? Pls let’s give them their flowers  and stop bringing them down.”

“And please to all my beautiful family CN ♥️ let’s stop insulting and dragging each others favorites. What ever happened in the past has happened and it’s gone. (Otilo) Let’s all look into the future together and make our family bigger and better. If u think it’s easy to do? pls go into the big brother house and come out I would love to see something.

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