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Hire A Social Media Manager / Influencer - GiftTv

Hire A Social Media Manager / Influencer

Hi My name is Terngu Gift, a social media manager/promoter, brand influencer, marketing analyst teacher, a blogger, a Data vendor, brand solution, brand strategy, and content marketer. 


I help business/brands create visibility. A highly dependent human, deals with social media networking which support personal development and  growth of organizations. 

Where I  contribute my excellent skills to achieve organizations goals and to work in an organization that will provide me with an opportunity to express effectively my abilities, develop and apply my skills to achieve organizations targets. 

How social media manager help your business grow? A social media manager will create a variety of relevant, authentic engaging contents that will resonate with your audience, provide value to them and keep them coming back. 

They will stay up to date on keywords, resources and trends to ensure they develop the content best suited to your industry and your brand.

In another aspect a social media can help you nature your followers, and attract a targeted audience to your business to build brand recognition, trust, authority and increase your sales.

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