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Relationship Talk: I’m About To Lose My Wife (Need Help)


I’m About To Lose My Wife (Need Help)

I’m in a very big mess right now, i need your advices please!

I travelled to the village with my wife this December. We just got married, no kids yet. We travelled on December 28. We are from the same region but not the same town.

On 31st evening, she went to her place, she is to stay there and do New year, then come back on 5th January being today, that was our plan….

My distant cousin did wedding yesterday, I attended it with some of my cousins and old friends.
We stayed there till late in the night. There was not enough accommodation for the guests especially the ladies that did Ashoebi and bridal train. The celebrant pleaded on some of us to provide rooms for those girls.
Since my wife is not around, my big room will be empty, i offered to take two of those girls. They entered my car and I drove straight to our house.

When we got home, everyone has gone to bed except my younger sister. She was so angry with me when she saw the girls. I tried to explain to her but she refused to understand. She said she will call my wife that night and tell her. I thought it was just a mere threat.

The two girls slept in my room with me but I didn’t touch them.
Early this morning, my wife appeared from nowhere. She knocked and i opened the door, i thought it was my sister…..i was still wearing boxers and those girls were still sleeping. She didn’t even wait to hear from me, she went straight, packed all her belongings and left. I tried to stop her but she refused to calm down. She removed her ring and threw it on me. A bike was already waiting for her, she entered the bike and disappeared.

Right now I don’t know what to do. As for my sister, i can never pay her school fees anymore.

What Should I Do Please?

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