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Self Development Is The Key - Andres Lara

Self Development,Andres Lara

From the Book “Inspire the Sleeping Giant within” written by Andres Lara.

Andres Lara narrated this story about himself which I will paraphrase. “I came to United states from Cuba when I was just 16years old, couldn’t speak English and was only able to speak Spanish.

“No formal education, no parents and no relatives. I knew I had to develop myself academically and morally”.

By age 24, Andres Lara was one of the youngest motivational speakers in the United States. He could and write English fluently. He was always moving everywhere conducting seminars for high school students and corporate organizations.

His first book titled “Inspiring the sleeping giant within” sold over 1.2million copies.

Listen, your road to the top has nothing to do with your background, family, culture or marital status, it depends largely on how much you are ready to develop yourself.

The largest room in the world is the room for self improvement. You can become better in what you are doing now. You can become better at your job, become a better student, a better parent, better at your profession etc

Remember, there’s always a better you which you haven’t discovered. So starts today to develop yourself.

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