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10 Career Ruining Signs In 2023 #Career

Odunlade Adekola

Most of the time, all that people think about and work hard towards is getting a job.

Sadly, they don't think about keeping it or even ways that they could loose it. I think its easier to loose a job than to get one.

10 Career Ruining Signs

1. Consistently showing up late.

2. Making too many excuses.

3. Blaming others for your wrongs

4.Putting others down.

5. Multitasking But Not Getting Anything Done

6. Being Too Personal For Work

7. Moving Too Often; It is hard to find your career path when you move too much.

8. Talking Yourself Up But Not Delivering.

9. Going Overboard With Social
Even if you are a social media specialist at work, you must still learn how to detach your virtual life from your official job function.

10. Telling Lies Instead of Owning Up
Honesty is a value that is fundamental in any work environment. 

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